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VMAX Solution with ECU Remapping

Disabling or raising the top speed limiter through ECU remapping is a modification that some vehicle owners and enthusiasts consider for various reasons. A top speed limiter, often referred to as a speed governor or speed limiter, is a software or hardware feature that restricts a vehicle’s maximum speed. This limit is typically set by the vehicle manufacturer for safety, legal, or warranty-related reasons.

  1. Purpose of a Speed Limiter: Vehicle manufacturers install speed limiters to ensure that their vehicles do not exceed certain speeds, which may be based on safety standards, tire ratings, or legal regulations. Limiting the top speed can also be a warranty or liability consideration.
  2. ECU Remapping for Top Speed Limiter Removal: ECU remapping involves modifying the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) software to change various parameters, including the top speed limiter. By adjusting the programming, it is possible to raise or remove the speed limit set by the manufacturer.
  3. Performance and Racing: Enthusiasts, particularly those involved in racing or high-performance driving, may desire the removal of the speed limiter to unlock a vehicle’s full potential in terms of top speed. This can be relevant for track days or specific racing events.
  4. Professional Tuning: ECU remapping should be performed by experienced professionals who understand the specific needs and limitations of your vehicle. Proper tuning is essential to ensure that the engine operates safely at higher speeds.

Quantum Tuning offers the solution to remove or increase the top speed limiter known as VMax Off. ECU Remapping can remove the rev limiter or increase it to a higher RPM, depending on your needs.

Quantum Tuning tune over 4000 vehicles a month with 1000+ approved dealers in 90+ different countries. Don’t have a ecu tuning tool? We can supply the latest ecu remapping tools, at great prices, from the market leaders. They are available in slave or master versions.

Quantum Tuning offers the solution by overwriting the existing settings within legal limitations of a vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) to improve several areas of the vehicle’s performance. This is not legal advice and if you are unsure if this applies to your vehicle, please seek further advice.

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