BMW-Mini-VAG Sports Display Calibration


BMW / MINI / VAG vehicles that have sport gauges in their central module display with power and torque displays can be calibrated to show the correct BHP and torque after a tune.

BMW that have sport gauges in central module display with HP/NM can now also be raised so final customers will now be able to see that their car was “really” tuned by checking the new values on sport gauges. Quantum Tuning offers the solution by overwriting the existing settings with new quantum tuning’s custom made ecu program (within legal limitations)

Recalibrating a vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) or Engine Control Module (ECM) is a common practice in the world of motorsports and performance tuning. This process can enhance engine performance, optimize fuel efficiency, and fine-tune various parameters to suit specific racing or driving requirements. While the process is similar for BMW, Mini, and VAG (Volkswagen Auto Group) vehicles, there may be some differences in terms of the exact procedures and tools used.

Benefits with Re-Calibration

  • Improved display performance: The display may be more responsive and easier to use after it has been recalibrated.
  • Correcting display errors: ECU remapping can sometimes correct display errors, such as incorrect fuel economy readings or inaccurate odometer readings.
  • Improved fuel economy: In some cases, recalibrating the display can improve fuel economy.

If you are considering recalibrating the display in your BMW, MINI, or VAG vehicle with ECU remapping, it is important to weigh the risks and benefits carefully. It is also important to choose a Certified Quantum Tuning Dealer who has experience with this type of modification.

We tune over 4000 vehicles a month with 1000+ approved dealers in 90+ different countries. Don’t have a ecu tuning tool? We can supply the latest ecu remapping tools, at great prices, from the market leaders. They are available in slave or master versions.

Quantum Tuning offers the solution by overwriting the existing settings within legal limitations of a vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) to improve several areas of the vehicle’s performance. This is not legal advice and if you are unsure if this applies to your vehicle, please seek further advice.

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